Taught by Vinroy Barrett, Boxing Boot is a high impact workout featuring boxing and interval training, TRX suspension training, sport-specific drills, and classic weight lifting workouts with an additional emphasis on nutritional education. Each workout is designed to increase strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance while toning and shaping every muscle group in the body.

Cost: $300 first month
$250 additional months

Our unique and innovative morning boot camp is like nothing else around or anything you've ever tried! We combine high intensity intervals in a spin class setting with proven weight training techniques to take your speed and endurance to the next level. Whether you're an avid cyclist, recreational rider or even a couch potato, Bike 'N' Boot is a fun and challenging workout for all fitness levels.

Each class will start off with a 20 minute spin session and then move to the weight room to incorporate free weights, machines and TRX suspension training. You can't find a more comprehensive or effective workout anywhere!



Indoor cycling at its best. A high intensity, low impact workout designed to incinerate calories while shaping and strengthening your legs and core.

With the addition of or new spin room, this class has quickly become one of our more most popular programs. Please sign up at the front desk to reserve your bike, as class size is limited.

Similar to our Power Lunch program, Booty Camp also includes a nutritious lunch, but is for women only. This camp is designed to promote weight loss, increase strength, energy, and flexibility, and provide a full body workout. Maryanne will tone those problem areas and have you feeling your best. It's the ultimate win/win for efficient time management, healthy eating, and convenience!




The original suspension trainer: intense circuits with this unique training tool are formulated to help you develop total-body strength, endurance, balance and coordination.

From elite athletes to the complete beginners, the trx strap's unique design enables participants to perform every exercise from any starting point. A totally unique workout.



Vinyasa Flow. Power yoga that combines breath and movement with a focus on strength, alignment and flexibility. 60 minutes of full body work to improve circulation and calm your mind. This class is appropriate for all levels.









Participants can expect a full body workout while performing all types of boxing drills in this hour long class. This class is taught by an experience boxing and mma fighter, no leg warmers here, and will mix particle boxing techniques with calorie killing cardio intervals.

Like the rest of our classes, boxing is for all participant levels. Please bring your own gloves and wrist wraps.